Glasgow is renowned as the largest city in the beautiful and friendly country of Scotland, off the coast of the main continent of Europe. The city, which covers an area of 175.5 square kilometres, is famous for its heritage sites, its popular culture, and of course, many other factors, which makes it a must visit. It is divided into the urban and suburban areas, each populated with its own people. The former part of the city is called Greater Glasgow, and together with the suburban part, the city attracts several tourist and visitors each year. It is undoubtedly, one of the most exciting centers in all of Scotland.There is no dearth of reasons why it is absolutely essential that you visit Glasgow. In fact, when you are in the country, it is likely that the city was already on your ‘places-to-Visit’ list. That is because Glasgow is a city which can offer its visitors everything that they demand.If you are a fan of ancient buildings, historical sites, museums and the like, then there is no place better than Glasgow. On the other hand, if you are a people’s person, then too you can visit this city, which is known for its friendliness and hospitable environment. It also adequately represents the authentic Scottish culture, which is unique, attractive and very, very interesting to experience first hand.

However, if you like none of the above and you like to keep up with the times, then too Glasgow does not disappoint. There are countless shopping spots and some very well-stocked shopping malls as well. The nightlife too is worth mentioning. It is active and exciting, and it is bound to leave you breathless.Despite the fact that there is so much to see, and there is so much to do, there are a few places that you must not miss at any cost when you are in Glasgow. The Glasgow Science Center is one of these places, which has a science mall, an IMAX cinema, the Glasgow Tower and has received a 5-star rating when it comes to best places to visit in Scotland. Other places are The Gallery of Modern Art, the Royal Exchange Square, the Glasgow City of Chamber and of course, the well-renowned University of Glasgow and the splendid view of the city that you get from the Lighthouse.


Edinburgh is best famous for being the capital of Scotland. It situated in the south of Firth of Forth within the state of Lothian. Every year so many tourists from worldwide come here to enjoy its indescribable beauty and few of them wish to be a citizen of this locality. Basically the hills have been its prime way of attracting visitors, but also there are a mixture of other places of interest, which makes the tour to this region of world really memorable. There are many things to see and enjoy in Edinburgh such as stunning beauties, striking architectures, outdoor pursuits, countryside and lovely coasts. Also you will find world class foods full of taste in multi starred restaurants and a wide range of products to shop there which are exclusively offered in Edinburgh. Edinburgh is well known as world’s best festival capital because each day there is like a festival in this city. Capital of Scotland which is otherwise known as UNESCO Heritage Site has got a lot of attractive things which tourists love to see and grab the moments with photographs and videos. For full family day out, there are beautiful parks and gardens showing the beauty of greenness. Wonderful scenery of highlands, islands of Edinburgh are waiting for you.

Edinburgh Attractions:

As Edinburgh is full of cultural activities and during festivals it becomes the best place to visit. You can show your performance in art, dance, music and talks etc. You can enjoy exhibitions, historic places, drama and many more in this city. You can enjoy visiting museums, galleries and libraries present in this city. Shopping in this city is a unique experience. For shopping you can visit various shopping areas such as Multrees Walk, where you will find luxury shops including  Harvey Nichols, Louise Vuitton, Nespresso and many more.


During July to early September this city hosts annual international festival to which people from all over the world come and participate in various events. There is another very famous event called Mountain Movie Festival of Edinburgh which normally takes place during February and the International Movie Festival is held during June of each year. Few other festivals include Jazz & Blues Festival, International Books Festival and Edge Festival etc. Edge Festival is a offshoot of Fringe replacing Planet Pop and smaller Flux series. These are not the all but you can never miss out the water sports parks in this city situated in Firth of Forth. Other adventurous sports are there to spend your time more excitedly. Tourists are suggested to come with a long holiday plan to this city as visiting it completely in fewer days is not possible.

How to reach to Edinburgh:

Since Edinburgh is a very popular and one of international cities hence reaching to it is very easy by any medium you want. Buses, trains and flights every way of reaching here is on. It is present in the very centre of Scotland, and placed around 2.5 miles towards Southern West  shoreline of the Leith. From Inland it is around 26 miles by road and from North Sea situated at Dunbar.


There are a lot of great places to visit in England and Sheffield is definitely one of them. Sheffield is both a metropolitan borough and a city. It can be found in South Yorkshire, England and is a neighbour to Leeds, Manchester, Lincoln, and Chesterfield. The tourists who come to Sheffield can be very well sure that they’ll have a great time, as there are simply a lot of things to see and do in this part of England. The top attractions here include museums, galleries, and theatres, among many others. Heritage, Culture, and History are all very rich out here too. If you are interested in art galleries and museums, visit the Graves Art Gallery, Millennium Gallery, and the Greystones. If you want theatres, the ones you can check out are the Crucible Theatre and the Lyceum Theatre. Other similar points of interest are Archipelago Works, S1 Artspace, Yorkshire Artspace, and the Sheffield City Hall.

This city is also very rich in events and festivals. For one, there are many sports championship matches held here in Sheffield. Watch out for your favorite teams battling it out for supremacy – football, hockey, and even figure skating championships can be enjoyed from here. As for events, the Christmas season is always at its best in this city.Other than what you can see, the things that you could experience in Sheffield are just as great. As such, wining and dining are going to be a grand experience. The best restaurants here include the Little Mester Café and Bistro, Cubana, Silversmiths, and Aagrah. Plus, there are loads of cafes, coffee shops, pubs, and bars to serve your delicate taste in food and drinks.

A world-class shopping experience is offered out here too. If you want the best brands and the access to the exclusive collection of famous designers, Fargate is where you should go. For independent shops, Devonshire is your destination. Drive over to the Ecclesall Road if you want high fashion items and down to the Sheffield Antiques Quarter if you want to see rare and one-of-a-kind buys.But of course, no trip is complete without a little sight seeing. So be sure that you also check out Sheffield’s manicured parks and gardens. The best ones to visit are Endcliffe Park, Graves Park, Millhouses Park, and Norfold Park. Then there Winter Garden, Peace Gardens, and Botanical Gardens.Bring your family over and you’ll definitely enjoy Sheffield a whole more. Aside from all the interesting spots listed above, there are also leisure centers, swimming pools, golf courses, and fitness centers scattered all around the city. Find yourself the best place to stay in one of Sheffield’s hotels. If you plan your trip well, definitely love this city more than the others.


There are many activities that you can engage in during your stay in Birmingham. It can range from shopping or even take part in the exciting nightlife. Undeniably, there are various events and musical shows that are typically held during the weekends. If you want to go on sightseeing, there are many places to visit in Birmingham. You can drive to the Aston Hall, Aston Church, Aston Manor Museum, Bantock House Museum, Birmingham Botanical Gardens and many more.

Do not forget that Birmingham is also recognized for the wide variety of games and sports. You can enjoy with your friends or family with a paintball game or even go on biking as a group. There are also facilities where you can try out karting. Other activities you can engage in, include rifle shooting, clay pigeon shooting, skiing, sailing and even boating.

Aside from being a vacation or weekend getaway destination, Birmingham is also popular for individuals who are getting married. There has been an increase in the number of stag and hen weekend parties. Due to the variety of activities to engage in, it can make any stag or hen party truly enjoyable.When it comes to food, Birmingham also boasts a number of restaurants and cafes that offers a delectable menu. During your drive in Birmingham, make sure that you will stop by in one of the restaurants to try out the delicious menu. With the variety of activities, attractions and delectable food in Birmingham, your weekend drive will definitely be an enjoyable one and you will surely return in the future.

Driving a van in Manchester

For those who are going to drive a van for the first time, it can be a difficult task driving a van in Manchester, England if it is too large and heavy. Take note that driving a van is not that simple unlike when driving a regular car. Always remember that there are certain differences when it comes to the gear selection and handling if you are driving a van in Manchester. Do not forget to follow certain instructions on how to drive your van in a safe manner during your stay in Manchester, England.

Initially, always take note of the driving instructions from a friend or family member when driving the van. You will be provided with all the information that you need when maneuvering the van along with other instructions on the vehicle controls.  In some cases, drivers might wear high heels or sandals while driving, thus putting them at risk. It is important to avoid doing this by wearing the appropriate footwear. This is important since some vans are equipped with clutches that might be heavy to handle. Additionally, the pedal controls are different if compared to the regular car. It is essential to wear regular trainers when driving a van in Manchester.

Several vans are not equipped with a mirror that offers the rear view since the rear part of the vehicle obstructs the normal view. It is important to learn ways on how to utilize the wing mirrors of your van effectively. It is also important to adjust them appropriately to achieve the best visibility on the outside while driving. In terms of the interior of the van you will drive while in Manchester, it is important to adjust the headrest and the seating to achieve a good driving position. This is very useful in case of accidents on the road. Do not forget to use the seatbelt in order to ensure safety at all times since you never know when accidents might happen. This is for safety purposes that you should never overlook when driving a van.

It is also important to stay in control when driving a van in Manchester. This is applicable on any kind of van that you intend to use while on the road. Always remember that driving speedily will make you lose control of the vehicle and as a result, you will have difficult stopping in case of an emergency. If this is the case, always make sure that you are in complete control of your van while at the same time keeping an eye on your speed while driving on the road. Lastly, do not forget the importance of having the van checked and regularly maintained. In doing so, driving in Manchester will be a hassle-free trip, without worrying that the van will break down. Make sure that all the parts of the van are in good condition at all times.

With these important considerations when driving a van in Manchester, you are assured of a hassle-free trip. Always remember that driving a van is different if compared to the regular cars, thus make it a point to remember these useful tips.


Driving a van in London

It is a known fact that driving a van has a big difference than driving a car. The main difference when driving a van is that it is relatively higher and wider than any of the average cars. If you plan on driving a van in London, it is essential that once you have acquired the van and before driving it,  you must be familiar with it’s functions. It includes the lighting, indicators for the heating and cooling, stereo settings and even the hazard lights. All of these are important so that driving a van in London will not pose as a hassle as well as making any trip convenient. If you are going to drive a van in the future or planning to use one, just make sure that you are well aware of these tips.

Unlike with the average cars, the visibility when driving a van in London will be less than what you are accustomed to with the mirrors. In doing so, it is important to ensure that you will adjust your seat in a comfortable and safe position while driving as well as appropriately positioning the wing mirrors and the rear view mirror to achieve the best visibility. Of course, one of the main benefits of driving a van in London is that you will be higher than other cars, thus your natural visibility will be greatly increased.

Due to the wider and higher nature of vans, it simply means that they are also heavier in weight even if they are not carrying any load. Take note that braking distances are increased remarkably, thus you have to make sure that you will allow this while driving. Do not forget to maintain a safe distance between the vehicles ahead of you. Once you are driving a fully loaded van, it will gain more weight, thus it is best to drive in a slow manner with more care. Additionally, since there are height restrictions on some car parks and even in low bridges, make it a point to check on the height of your van so that you are aware of the limitations while driving.

When driving a van in London, the biggest challenge that you might face is no other than the parking. A lot of individuals typically fear the idea of parking on the street, either the reverse or parallel parking. If your van has pivotal mirrors, it can greatly help out while parking since you can see the corners of your van, thus helping maneuvering appropriately. Always remember to take time while parking as well as asking someone to help you out in a parking space that you might find it difficult to adjust your van properly.

When driving a van in London, it is important to take into consideration these aspects so that you will experience a hassle-free and convenient driving to any location in your itinerary. Of course, there are certain differences when driving one than the average cars, but still, being familiar on how to operate one is definitely an advantage.

Renting A Van In The UK

Renting a van might seem an easy task to do, but if you have never rented a van in the UK before, you might not know where you stand or even what you are specifically looking for. Prior to renting a van and driving one in the United Kingdom, there are certain aspects that you need to take into consideration. It includes the costs, sizes of vans, and the contracts that are available for you to choose from.
You have to take note that there are two types of vans that are being offered,  passenger vans and moving vans. Of course, the latter is mainly used for the storage of goods while travelling. The passenger vans are typically used for the transportation of passengers from one destination to another. In case you are planning to drive one, you have to decide on the type of van that you will use as well as look for offers that the van hire providers are presenting, either online or in the local business directory.
It is also important to discuss the terms that are stated in the contract of the van that you will choose before driving in the UK. There are certain issues that should be discussed, such as the insurance, age and the breakdown cover. In some case, van hire providers have a policy in which only individuals under 25 years old are not allowed since the insurance is relatively higher for younger individuals due to the increased number of accideluton_box_vannts in this age group. For those under 25 years old, simply look for van hire providers who allow clients with a minimum age of 21 years old or present a clean driving record so that you will have a better chance of acquiring the van that you need. For a quote or reservation try One Way Van Hire
The next task is to examine your insurance policy and what is being covered such as damages to the vehicle or third party accountability for death. It is best to utilize your own insurance if possible or simply purchase one from the van hire provider for an additional cost. Do not forget to check if the breakdown cover is also included in the cost since you do not want to end up stuck in the middle of nowhere in a van that you are not capable of fixing on your own. Of course, make it a point to check on the mileage costs. Some van hire providers typically include the mileage costs in their rates, while others will simply charge you with an extra for the mileage. Remember that a cheap van rental might recover the costs by charging additional mileage costs, thus the van that you have chosen is not cheap.
Once you are completely satisfied with the terms and conditions as well as the van itself, simply hand your driving license that will serve as a proof that you can drive a van in the UK and of course, the payment. Just make sure that you will receive a receipt as well as a copy of the signed contract.
By taking into consideration these important details, you will have a no troubles driving your van in the UK.

Van List

We have a variety of major van manufacturers and models, with all types of vans from SWB Transits to a Luton 3.5t with tail lift, all available at low prices and with flexible leasing arrangements to suit your needs.

The Short Wheel Base van is the name given to shorter vans, usually not much longer than a motor car. The wheel base is the distance between the front and rear wheels. A SWB van  will be easier to  manoeuvre and park  in a small space, but will have less space to load than a larger van.

The Long Wheel Base van is the name given to longer vans with bigger load areas. The wheelbase is the distance between the front and rear wheels, therefore the longer it is, the more you can load.

A Luton Van  is a 3.5 tonne van with a box body that extends over the cab. These have a larger and more flexible load space than a panel van,  and are ideal for furniture and household moves.

The compact van rental requirements are:

Minimum age 23 and maximum age 75, If you are outside these ages please contact us. Minimum of one years full UK  driving licence. A limit of 32 days total hire, if longer required please contact us.

One Way Van Hire in the UK

If you are considering getting a one way van hire in the UK, it is a simple task but there are certain things that you need to take into consideration before hiring one. You have to take note that all the one way vans that are available offer different services. Before you will simply choose one, you should determine first all the available options and what you actually need. Remember that not all the one way vans are the same since they are available in various sizecombo_van s and capacities, thus if you want to make your travel hassle-free, making the right choice will surely count.

Since there are various options of one way van hire in the UK, you need to check them all. Take note that these options tend to vary from one company to another, but you can find a variety of 3 to 4 vans that are ideal for various tasks. If you intend to hire one just to move your items or transporting equipment, or even use for travelling to a specific location, your main concern would definitely be the size of the one way van. This is an important consideration if you do not want several trips, especially if the designated destination is far flung.

Majority of individuals who are moving or relocating can opt for the biggest one way van hire in the UK since it has the capacity of hold a lot of items, furniture and appliances. Nevertheless, if you are in doubt, all you have to do is to ask the company that you are planning to hire. They are knowledgeable regarding their vans and the capacity of every van size.

It is recommended to obtain the actual measurements of the interior of the van that you want and do not forget to ask questions if you are in doubt. If you feel that the one way van is not large enough, simply get a large van instead, which is a better option than overloading the smaller one just to make it in one trip. Typically, the cost of a larger van is not that big and worth the cost.

It is a known fact that some people find it quite daunting to look for a one way van hire in the UK. Of course, it is essential to conduct your own research as well as ensuring that you get all the information that you need. You can start by figuring out your needs, such as the size of the van and the distance that you will be travelling. Do not forget the dates of renting the van as well as the number of people coming along.

By taking time to determine your needs before hiring a one way van in the UK, will surely provide you a good deal as well as getting the most out of your expenses. Depending on your reasons for hiring one, being prepared is the best way to get the best one way van hire in the UK. If you need a rental van in the London area, visit One Way Van Hire London for very competitive rates.

One Way Van Hire

One Way van hire is becoming popular, and a number of car rental suppliers now provide this service. One Way Van Hire offers you van hire with the most competitive prices. Van rental services with us are safe, efficient, and affordable. One Way Van Hire  will find affordable rental packages. We  find the best package deals, to suit the customer.

Vans of different types and models are available with us and you can rent a van from a wide range of vehicles, from short wheel base transit to a Luton 1.5t vans with tail lift. We offer vans from some of the best manufacturers, and  have many locations across the United Kingdom. and provide travel solutions in between all these cities.If you going to move to another city, Why bring the van all the way back? Make use of the “one way van rental” and save time, fuel and money. Simply return the van to the nearest  branch in the city that you are moving to.