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There are a lot of great places to visit in England and Sheffield is definitely one of them. Sheffield is both a metropolitan borough and a city. It can be found in South Yorkshire, England and is a neighbour to Leeds, Manchester, Lincoln, and Chesterfield. The tourists who come to Sheffield can be very well sure that they’ll have a great time, as there are simply a lot of things to see and do in this part of England. The top attractions here include museums, galleries, and theatres, among many others. Heritage, Culture, and History are all very rich out here too. If you are interested in art galleries and museums, visit the Graves Art Gallery, Millennium Gallery, and the Greystones. If you want theatres, the ones you can check out are the Crucible Theatre and the Lyceum Theatre. Other similar points of interest are Archipelago Works, S1 Artspace, Yorkshire Artspace, and the Sheffield City Hall.

This city is also very rich in events and festivals. For one, there are many sports championship matches held here in Sheffield. Watch out for your favorite teams battling it out for supremacy – football, hockey, and even figure skating championships can be enjoyed from here. As for events, the Christmas season is always at its best in this city.Other than what you can see, the things that you could experience in Sheffield are just as great. As such, wining and dining are going to be a grand experience. The best restaurants here include the Little Mester Café and Bistro, Cubana, Silversmiths, and Aagrah. Plus, there are loads of cafes, coffee shops, pubs, and bars to serve your delicate taste in food and drinks.

A world-class shopping experience is offered out here too. If you want the best brands and the access to the exclusive collection of famous designers, Fargate is where you should go. For independent shops, Devonshire is your destination. Drive over to the Ecclesall Road if you want high fashion items and down to the Sheffield Antiques Quarter if you want to see rare and one-of-a-kind buys.But of course, no trip is complete without a little sight seeing. So be sure that you also check out Sheffield’s manicured parks and gardens. The best ones to visit are Endcliffe Park, Graves Park, Millhouses Park, and Norfold Park. Then there Winter Garden, Peace Gardens, and Botanical Gardens.Bring your family over and you’ll definitely enjoy Sheffield a whole more. Aside from all the interesting spots listed above, there are also leisure centers, swimming pools, golf courses, and fitness centers scattered all around the city. Find yourself the best place to stay in one of Sheffield’s hotels. If you plan your trip well, definitely love this city more than the others.