Edinburgh is best famous for being the capital of Scotland. It situated in the south of Firth of Forth within the state of Lothian. Every year so many tourists from worldwide come here to enjoy its indescribable beauty and few of them wish to be a citizen of this locality. Basically the hills have been its prime way of attracting visitors, but also there are a mixture of other places of interest, which makes the tour to this region of world really memorable. There are many things to see and enjoy in Edinburgh such as stunning beauties, striking architectures, outdoor pursuits, countryside and lovely coasts. Also you will find world class foods full of taste in multi starred restaurants and a wide range of products to shop there which are exclusively offered in Edinburgh. Edinburgh is well known as world’s best festival capital because each day there is like a festival in this city. Capital of Scotland which is otherwise known as UNESCO Heritage Site has got a lot of attractive things which tourists love to see and grab the moments with photographs and videos. For full family day out, there are beautiful parks and gardens showing the beauty of greenness. Wonderful scenery of highlands, islands of Edinburgh are waiting for you.

Edinburgh Attractions:

As Edinburgh is full of cultural activities and during festivals it becomes the best place to visit. You can show your performance in art, dance, music and talks etc. You can enjoy exhibitions, historic places, drama and many more in this city. You can enjoy visiting museums, galleries and libraries present in this city. Shopping in this city is a unique experience. For shopping you can visit various shopping areas such as Multrees Walk, where you will find luxury shops including  Harvey Nichols, Louise Vuitton, Nespresso and many more.


During July to early September this city hosts annual international festival to which people from all over the world come and participate in various events. There is another very famous event called Mountain Movie Festival of Edinburgh which normally takes place during February and the International Movie Festival is held during June of each year. Few other festivals include Jazz & Blues Festival, International Books Festival and Edge Festival etc. Edge Festival is a offshoot of Fringe replacing Planet Pop and smaller Flux series. These are not the all but you can never miss out the water sports parks in this city situated in Firth of Forth. Other adventurous sports are there to spend your time more excitedly. Tourists are suggested to come with a long holiday plan to this city as visiting it completely in fewer days is not possible.

How to reach to Edinburgh:

Since Edinburgh is a very popular and one of international cities hence reaching to it is very easy by any medium you want. Buses, trains and flights every way of reaching here is on. It is present in the very centre of Scotland, and placed around 2.5 miles towards Southern West  shoreline of the Leith. From Inland it is around 26 miles by road and from North Sea situated at Dunbar.