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The City Of Birmingham:

It is a known fact that Birmingham is a lovely destination in England. Spending your vacation by driving in Birmingham is definitely a great way to tour around the spot. Birmingham is a scenic city situated in the western midlands county of England while at the same time providing a variety of entertainment and activities that will make the drive truly worthwhile.

For those who intend to go on driving in Birmingham, it is best during the weekends. Birmingham is considered as the ideal weekend getaway that you can enjoy either with your family or friends. There are many places that you can drop by and activities that will surely provide you with great memories. Additionally, Birmingham might be the place where you can enjoy a fun-filled weekend with your loved ones.

If you are a traveller to the UK and you want to see and experience more than what London can provide, then you better head towards Birmingham. Indeed, there are many things worth seeing, catching, and recording out here. Better make sure that your camera ready to take the full account of your journey. First off, Birmingham is the most populous city outside London. So that puts it in the No. 2 spot right away, thus making it the rightful London alternative. Next, note that it has got the second largest economy in the UK and it focuses on manufacturing, engineering, and banking.

Given the fact you’d be glad to know that you’ll probably enjoy your stay here because tourism is also a huge driving force in the city’s industry. As a matter of fact, Birmingham is the favorite place for conventions and exhibitions. So if there’s a big trade event happening, high are the chances that it will be held in Birmingham. Sport meets and concerts are very popular out here too. And yes,you can do a lot of shopping here as well, because Birmingham holds the distinction of carrying one of the largest retail shopping centres in the UK. Visit the Bullring and the House of Fraser while you're in the city. There are also branches of Selfridges and Debenhams here. If world class shopping is what you are looking for, be assured that Birmingham will not fail you at all.

The English culture is high and proud in this part of the UK as well. The music here is offered at its finest, spearheaded by the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. Those who love Jazz will simply leave their hearts here. Drop by during the Jazz Festival to be entertained to the hilt. Theatre fans can enjoy a good play, ballet, or show at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre. But if you would rather look into the city’s art and history, head for the museums and galleries like the Barber Institute of Fine Arts and the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. There’s also ThinkTank, Aston Hall, and Blakesley Hall to see.

Enjoy your time in Birmingham with its broad range of nightlife and festivals. Enjoy the night away in the company of the locals by checking out Brindley Place , Arcadian, and Broad St. The nicest spots out there are the Medicine Bar, Rainbow Pub, and the hmv Institute. As for festivals, the ones worth the wait are St. George’s Day, the Birmingham Tattoo, and the Carribean Style Birmingham International Carnival.

A weekend drive in Birmingham is what you need if you want to rest from your hectic life. There are a number of venues that can cater to all the needs of visitors.You might be surprised to find out that there are various musical events that range from alternative, metal rock and even jazz.

Birmingham Traditions:

Take note that Birmingham boasts a rich tradition when it comes to music history, thus attracting many visitors who want to witness the events as well as music enthusiasts from allover the world. For individuals who love the performing arts, Birmingham is definitely the ideal location to spend the weekend. Additionally there are museums and art galleries that you can visit as well. There's definately more to the UK than London, and Birmingham is just one of the many cities where you can make an extra trip to, whenever you are in the country.


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