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Swansea, South Wales

The coastal city of South Wales, Swansea attracts a lot of tourists or visitors each year due to its beaches, water sports and attractive facilities. Swansea seems to have acquired its name from Sveinn Island, and the reference is to the mouth of the river Tawe. There is another story floating that states that the name is derived from the Norse name which means in the inlet. There are many literatures and written existence of the name in the 12th -13th century. Swansea is known for its highly beautiful culture and the Grand theatre that exists in the place is an example enough of such a huge and rich cultural heritage of the place. The theatre was first open for opera and has been in use ever since. It also forms one of the most popular tourist’s attractions that is seen in the area. Fluellen Theatre Company which is professional establishments is the one taking care and performing at the place. Swansea is well connected by road from various cities around Wales; the added attraction here is the cycle routes. The tourists or even the locals enjoy these bike rides and it has become one of the preferred ways to travel around Swansea. It is environment friendly and keeps the users healthy. The place is well connected with railways and airways as well, but they are still used to get into whales and then a suitable and local transport is preferred by most.

The main attractions of Swansea and the surrounding areas are the serene beaches that surround it. There are surfing options available here at Langland Bay, Llangennith and Caswell Bay. The waterfront allows leisure pool, coastline view and has the connectivity to the Swansea museum and the Waterfront Museum; these are the oldest in Wales. There are art galleries and exhibition galleries that come to life with each year with various celebrations. There are natural reserves, gardens, parks and various settlements that attract tourists due to its  beauty and relaxing features. The place is also famous for its nightlife- there are bars, clubs and casinos that allow a source of entertainment and fun.There are a number of beaches each with its unique features that attracts many tourists each year. The Guardian is even a part of the Top 10 beaches in the world. Rhossili Bay and Oxwich Bay are known for its beautiful sunset and lovely sand.Anyone who is looking for a beautiful break and a relaxing holiday, this is one of the best places in Wales to be.



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