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Stoke On Trent , The Potteries, England

Stoke on Trent is a well known city in the Staffordshire, England. This is a city which is considered as a home to pottery industry; that’s why it is also popular with the name of “the potteries”. Stoke-on-Trent is a metropolitan city with everything available on the corner of the street. Particularly, the city experience quite cooler climate just like any other city of United Kingdom. City is one of the major attractions, for tourists visiting United Kingdom. Place offers infinite number of sights worth watching, but if you have planned a short trip and want to get best out of it, then just visit these few places and make your trip unforgettable. to visit these gardens.

Places of Interest:

Gladstone Pottery Museum:

As we already know, city is famous for its potteries, then how can one imagine leaving this place without having a look at Gladstone Pottery Museum. The museum displays “n” number of pieces of ancient Victorian pottery. These pieces are the examples of one of the most astonishing crafts ever done in the history. Apart from this, you can also experience the making of pottery with your hands; you can make pots, you can make crafts, you can paint. A café is also situated in the museum which provides an array of different flavors worth tasting.

Trentham Gardens:

The award-winning Trentham Gardens are architecture in Italian Style by Tom Stuart-Smith, and the Floral Labyrinth and Rivers of Grass by Piet Oudolf. This exquisite garden offers many activities for both kids and adults. There’s a lovely lady sculpture made with such fine art which one cannot imagine in his/her dreams. Also, there’s a shopping complex situated inside these gardens. On above all, there’s UK’s first barefoot trail and a mile long lake located, which is the main attraction of these gardens. One just cannot afford to miss this opportunity.

Awesome Walls Stoke:

It is England's largest dedicated bouldering centre. A centre where one can experience adventure, excitement, fun, amusement, all at the same time. There’s a huge climbing surface spread over two far-reaching floors. Both young and experience climbers can enjoy this place; as there are few smaller walls available and few tall walls approximately 4.5 meters are available. There’s also a café with amazing interiors and food, where one can relax after enjoying the climbing. If you are looking for the place to do something different from your regular routine, then this is the only place made up for you.

Westport Lake:

This place is best suitable for all those, who love to see different species of birds and a calm and serine sunset. The lake is well maintained and best for reclamation. The lake is accompanied with an extremely beautiful garden which makes this place more attractive. One can also find a small café, with a simple menu and is most popular for its amazing coffee. It is suitable for all picnic purposes, be it a fun picnic with kids or little romantic walk with loved one. So, keep in your mind these places if you are planning to visit Stoke-on-Trent.


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