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Nottingham, England

Nottingham was known as the place of caves in the earlier times. Now, you can find several cultural cultivation centres, top universities and tobacco industries in this city of England. Nottingham was established as the most popular tourist spot and visitors have been spending more than two billion for the tourism purposes. Nottingham is run by the unitary authority and the main administrative building is known as Nottingham Council House. The elected councils do the administrative work and there are three parliament seat exits. Apart from that, this city is comes under the East Midland European Constituency. For emergency services, the local defence is regulated by city police and separate fire and rescue department are doing their own services. Medical emergency including ambulance service is provided by Midland local designated authority.

Nottingham is surrounded by several villages and the main city has many awesome places. Some buildings in the city like, Alfred Waterhouse, Thomas Chambers, Prudential Building, Watson Fothergill and National Council House are the oldest places in the world. You can visit these tallest buildings and get a taste of their mesmerising architectural values.

Places of Interest:

Lace Market: You should visit the lace market area. Some oldest buildings are situated in this market area and most of them are constructed with red bricks. You can find the red bricks warehouses in this place. Now most of the buildings are converted into shopping destination and pubs. The oldest Adams house is now known as the New Nottingham College. Apart from that, you can find some awesome bars, pubs and food destinations. St. Mary’s Church and Galleries of Justices are also situated in this place. Hangout at the oldest pub in Nottingham, The Bell Inn is also situated in the old market area of Nottingham. You can tour this oldest public house along with some heritage buildings in this city.


Mainly two major top ranking universities are situated in the Nottingham. They are the Treat University and University of Nottingham. This city is known as the best education destination in UK. Along with that, the best medical college named university of Nottingham Medical School is also situated in the city. Apart from that, there are several colleges like, Bilborough, Sixth Form, Central College and Castle College which are renowned for getting higher degrees.


Basically two major shopping destinations like Victoria Centre and Broadmarsh Centre is located in the Nottingham city. The oldest Victoria shopping palace is famous as the tallest building in the Nottingham and it has longest parking place where more than 2500 car can parked at a time. On the other part, Nottingham City Council was refurnished the Broadmarsh Shopping Centre and now this shopping plaza is ready to catch the visitor eyes. Apart from that, you can visit some similar shopping places like, Exchange Arcade, Flying House and boutique of Paul Smith. It is impossible to describe Nottingham within few words; this city has huge attractive destination and places including games, foods, entertainments and areas of creativity.


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