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Lancaster, England

Visit Lancaster castle and museums to discover the city’s ancient stories hidden in its walls, buildings and find out more about the people who shaped its history. You are afforded the opportunity to explore the secret paths of Williamson Park, and view its hidden follies and stunning Edwardian designed butterfly house. Plan your studies with us to discover the open spaces and strong design of the two university campuses and find out how these seats of learning have influenced the city over the years.You are also invited to shop at peculiar boutiques and independent galleries or choose from renowned high street brands in Penny Street, St Nic’s and Marketgate stores. Browse food, gifts, crafts and books at the twice-weekly Charter Market and then relax in one of Lancaster’s wealth of cafés, coffee shops and restaurants. The smell of coffee permeates the air as you wander the streets and you can sample everything from locally-brewed real ales to delicious home-made soups and cakes. You’ll be spoilt for choice on an evening out in the city with its exciting cultural vibe! Every evening you can take your pick from diverse theatre, music, dance, art and film events coupled with more esoteric events encompassing poetry and storytelling; science, technology and ecology

Historical Lancaster:

Long existing as a commercial, cultural and educational centre, Lancaster is the settlement that gives Lancashire its name. Lancaster has several unique ties to the British Monarchy, the House of Lancaster  was a branch of theEnglish royal family, whilst the Duchy of Lancaster holds large estates on behalf of Elizabeth II, who herself is also the Duke of Lancaster. Lancaster was granted city status back in1937 for its long association with the crown, and because it was "the county town of the King's Duchy of Lancaster. Lancaster is situated rather close to the famous Lake District, a region of natural beauty that inspired many a poet and writer. The Moors can be found in Yorkshire. Whether you are thinking about University, accommodation, travel or you are just an adventurous individual; Lancaster is the place for you and your family. Lancaster houses offers four star luxury together with award-winning Foodworks Restaurant. We have a combination luxury accommodation, excellent food and the quality of service is phenomenal. We cater to your every need. We definitely acquire all that you desire..


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