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Hull, England

Hull, England is the sole authority over the Eastern Riding of the county of Yorkshire. The city overlooks the river of Hull. The umber estuary forms a junction with it. The estuary is approximately 25 miles inland of the North Sea.  The city in itself has a population of about 256,100. The main Industry of the city these days are now the health care and chemical sectors. Large companies including Smith and Nephew, BP, Reckitt Benckiser and Seven Seas have branches in Hull.

History of Hull:

The city of Hull was founded by the inhabitants in the 12th century. The primary purpose for founding the town by the monks of Meaux was to have a port where the wool produced in the states of theirs could be produced. The monks themselves chose a place which was nearer to the junction between the two rivers of Hull and humber.The mention of this particular city was as early as in the year 1193. It was given its present name by King Edward in the year 1299. This particular town has worn many hats and helps the different people in most of their endeavors. The Hull can be termed as market town, as well as a based providing as a military supply port. It is literally the excited ness of the bus travel is decreased comfortably. Also different kinds of trading club of the cities serve entirely luxury to greet and cry tears of joy as people are receiving jobs in the their respective fields within the industrial distribution of this. It was an important landmark in the history of the English history and was a battleground for the different civil wars that were fought in the country in the earlier times. During the second world war, a large percentage of the city was bombed, with over 90% of the houses were damaged.

Places of Interest:

There are lots of attractive tourist destinations present in the city of Hull, England. The historic old Town as well as the museum quarter is the main tourist attraction of the area. In the recent years, a kind of redevelopment has taken place in the city; St Stephen’s Hull and the all new Truck Hull theatre are two places which have undergone thorough redevelopment. The elite ice hockey competition of the area can also be found here.


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