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Glasgow is a city of culture and style and one of the biggest cities in the United Kingdom and Scotland is Glasgow. Located on the River Clyde, a lot of tourists confuse the city itself with Greater Glasgow. But boundaries aside, Glasgow remains to be one of the most interesting places to visit in this part of the UK. Glasgow is always worth visiting because of one reason – its people. The residents here are always in the festive mood as they all believe that any day is a perfect day for a celebration. The city is currently being groomed as a luxury destination for one’s stylish travel requirements. Right now, the city secures the third best destination in the UK.

There are at least three things done better in Glasgow: shopping, sporting, and appreciating architecture.  Just recently, the Glasgow Style Mile was opened and it boasts of thousands of retail stores. The Style Mile is a square mile in the city center that offers a very extraordinary collection of stores and shops that sell everything from music to fashion and everything else in between.
And as for sports, the city is an active supporter of football and many other competitive events. As a matter of fact, they will host the upcoming Commonwealth Games. The city promotes itself as the ideal place for a sporting vacation and even comes up with a sporting break guide.

But when it comes to the arts, that is where the city excels the most. After all, a celebration of the city’s culture should be the main highlight of a trip here. For one, the works of Charles Rennie Mackintosh are easily accessible all over the city, anytime of the day and night. His architectural works are placed all over the city and those exactly are the things that makes Glasgow glow with style.

The most notable architectural structures in Glasgow are the Glasgow Cathedral, the City Chambers, Glasgow Cross, the St. Enoch Subway Station, and the Willow Tea Rooms, among others. When it comes to art galleries and museums, the best ones to see are the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery, the Gallery of Modern Art, and the Riverside Museum. There are many parks out here too that are worth visiting, the best of which are the Glasgow Green, Kelvingrove Park, and Botanic Gardens.

Come to Glasgow and you will definitely enjoy more than what you bargained for. This is indeed the city for music, theatre, comedy, football, and cinema. So just wine, dine, and stay for a while. Enjoy Glasgow in all its stylish beauty. You will surely love every minute that you’ll spend here. Do take time in knowing its people. Always remember that the ultimate pleasure of this city is best delivered by the fun-loving locals.

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