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Being a part of the Lothian region, Edinburgh ranks second in the list of the most populous cities in Scotland. The city used to be a hill fort and many of the structures that were left off during the Middle Ages are still seen all over. From the Middle Ages, Edinburgh has gone through fine tuning during the Renaissance period. What it is today has a lot to do with what the city has seen throughout the times.

The history of Edinburgh goes way back to the first century AD. The city was known for attractions such as the Castle Rock and Arthur’s Seat, two ancient structures that were never destroyed by time. Edinburgh was ruled by many kings since the start of the century. King David I, King Charles I, and King  James VI were just a few of the most prominent figures in Edinburgh’s history.
Modern Edinburgh is not much different from the Edinburgh of long ago. Although the people have changed and the sights have been improved to keep up with the latest trends, the face of medieval Edinburgh is still present. The Edinburgh Castle, for one, remains to be one of the most popular attractions in the city. It is the oldest castle in town and it was duly preserved for both the locals and the visitors. It is one great spot to see and explore, even hold your most intimate gatherings and parties at.

Regardless of what the season is, Edinburgh opens its doors to everyone. Winter is as good as summer for an adventure out here. The peak time for the tourist season though, is during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, an annual event that happens every August.
Edinburgh is also a strong supporter of the arts, as evidenced by its variety of film, theatrical, and musical offerings. Watch and enjoy world class shows happening at the King’s Theatre, the Edinburgh Playhouse, or the Bedlam Theatre. Some shows are even offered for free. Just check the advisories of the centres to find out which shows are scheduled the night of your stay.

Museums, galleries, and libraries are also at its best in Edinburgh. The National Museum of Scotland, the Museum of Childhood, and the National War Museum of Scotland are three highly recommended stops for every tourist. But of course, no tour is complete without topping it off with a shopping spree. So after taking the most interesting historical tour, head on for the souvenir shops and the shopping malls. Treat yourself to the merchandise at Jenners, H&M, and Boots.

The posh five star Edinburgh hotels are the best places to stay at, as they offer added services and facilities such as in-room spa, restaurants, and all the perks. However, budget accommodations are available too, as visitors can opt to stay in serviced apartments, inns, hostels, and bed and breakfasts. There are caravan parks and outdoor camping spots in the city as well, so there definitely are more ways than one to enjoy.


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