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Dundee, Scotland

In terms of population, this quaint city in the eastern central lowlands is the fourth largest one in all of Scotland. It is a city that is perfect not only to imbibe the culture of Scotland in the most authentic way possible, but also enjoy a whole lot of fun, night life, entertainment, cultural exposure and shopping. Despite the fact that until a few years ago, it was almost a suburban, obscure center, it has now transformed itself into one of the cosmopolitan hotspots in all of Scotland. Regular events, programs, concerts are organized every year, on a frequent basis, ensuring that when you are in Dundee, you will never experience a dull moment.

Historical Relevance of Dundee:

It is almost an island, and because of its strategic position in the North Sea, it served as an important port and harbor for trade and mercantile activities during the Victorian period, and even before that. There are several historical sites that you can check out when you are in Dundee. In the period between the Victorian Age and the end of the East India Company, Dundee fell to ruins because its economy was suffering because of the trade and outposts in India. Because of this, most of the city fell into ruins. However, the recent government has introduced a progressive plan, which is slowly turning Dundee into a city that is as excellent and as happening as Glasgow. The waterfront is being repaired, and there is no inadequacy felt by the thousands of travelers who visit this quaint little getaway in Scotland..

Places to visit:

The city of Dundee has a long and exciting history, and as it has grown in size, the culture too has become more varied, becoming of the growth the city has shown in the past couple of years. When you are here, there are some places that you must visit. These include the Tay Rail Bridge, which has emerged as a symbol for the city. In addition to that, you also must visit the RRS Discovery and the City Center, both of which are popular tourist attraction and historical sites not only in Dundee, but in all of Scotland. Other places you must drop by when you are here include the Magdalene Yard Bandstand, the several Theatres, etc. Despite the fact that it is a center for education and a reputable institute, the University of Dundee is also of great historical significance, and is a scenic spot..





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