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Bristol, Somerset!

If you are headed for south west England, then Bristol is one of your best destinations. Bristol is a large urban zone where more than a million residents live. It is a very populous city alright, and it has got your kind of fun brewing around it too. Bristol is rich with everything – history, culture, the arts, and very pretty sights. Come on over and experience something different – something that you can only have a taste of in the beautiful city of Bristol. If you are a tourist, start your day with some sightseeing. Try the Bristol Ferry Boats and see seaside views. Then go over to The Matthew and then to the Bristol Pirate Walks to complete your daytime adventure.

As for the city’s landmarks, what you must take a good photo of are the Clifton Suspension Bridge, See No Evil, Brunel’s SS Great Britain, and the Bristol Cathedral, among many others. If you want to visit the museums, art galleries, and science centers of Bristol, there are a lot of them here too. The M Shed, the Bristol Museum, and the Bristol Zoo Gardens are similarly nice places to see. Having the experience that of just staying in this city, can either be affordable, or grand. So no matter what your budget is, you are sure to right for your budget. So take your pick from luxury hotels, bed and breakfasts, apartments, and guest houses as your place of accommodation. There are hostels and campsites available around here as well, if that is how you would like your vacation to go. However, no trip is complete without a taste of Bristol’s finest delicacies. Although this is still England, Bristol manages to offer something different than what most cities can provide. Try these popular restaurants while in the area: Bordeaux Quay, The Pony and Trap, and Harvey Nichols. These dining spots can provide you with a sumptuous meal every time you visit.

Bristol is also a place where fun, parties, and romance take off perfectly. The lush greens and cruises in this part of England are sure to complete your vacation’s fun meter. As a matter of fact, Bristol boasts of as many 450 green parks and patches located all over the city. So if all of those won’t make you feel comfortable while here, nothing else will. So just bring your loved one or your entire family along. There is definitely a whole lot more to Bristol than what you hear about it. Coming to this part of England is surely going to provide you the experience and relaxation that you are looking for all along.

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