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One Way Van Hire will find affordable rental packages. We find the best package deals, to suit you. Our booking process is difficult to beat because of our competitive prices, and is fast and simple to use. We are one of the leading one way van and minibus rental experts in the United Kingdom. If you need to hire a vehicle from one location in the UK and return it to another at a low cost price, then what you need is a one way van rental package from us.

If for example you were moving from the city of Edinburgh in Scotland to London, and wanted to rent a Long Wheel BaseI Transit or a similar vehicle, many suppliers would request that you return the vehicle back to Edinburgh. We can allow you to drop off the hire vehicle in London, at one of our locations. We can provide delivery and collection of your selected vehicle throughout many locations in the country. We offer the most competitive and reliable service in the United Kingdom. We have a large choice of vehicles from small load, to very large size vehicles, at over four hundred and fifty depots. We have a number of different types of Rental deals, from one day rentals to long term Leasing contracts.

When you arrive to pick up your vehicle, you must have your driving licence with you, as well as your pre-paid rental voucher. You should also bring two proofs of identity from the past three months (bank statements and/or utility bills are ideal). You will also need a valid debit/credit card to pay a deposit (if you have not already paid one) when you pick up your vehicle.

There’s just a slight difference between renting a car and a van in the UK. Oftentimes, family vans are treated just like regular sedans. However, bigger vans are going to have added rules and more restrictions.To hire a vehicle in the UK, you’ve got to know where you’re going to say. That’s the first requirement. Your location is going to be a crucial information when booking a vehicle. Rates may not be the same across all cities, so it’s better to indicate the right one when you ask for a quote. The next thing to do is to shop for a rental company. There are many companies with international reach offering car and van hire in the UK. But just the same, there are many local players too. Decide which one of them you’d like to deal with. International rental companies are recommended if you’re traveling from outside the UK. If you are coming from a distant city in England, the local rental companies may provide you with a much better rate.

Next up, pick your vehicle, what kind of van do you need? Would you need a six, eight, or a twelve seats van? Note that the price range between these vans may vary greatly as well. You have to pick the one that is just right for you and party – not too big and not too small. That way, you’ll get premium prices on both rental rates and fuel. When you’re done with all of those, it’s time that you get a quote. And make sure all requirements are at hand. Depending on the rental company, you would have to show your driver’s license and credit card. If you’re a tourist, your passport is going to be required as well. Additional documents may be needed, depending on your qualifications and for how long you’re going to rent the vehicle for. And if you intend to use the vehicle for cross country driving, you might have to comply with yet another set of rules.

Again, not all rental companies are the same. It pays to ask for a quote from different providers across the UK to get the best rates. Start with Yellowhire, and if you really want to save on your rental, be sure to book at least one month in advance. Rushed booking, which is usually one week before, can make the rates jump as high as three times the original rental price. Successfully renting a van isn’t the end of the story. You would have to comply with the driving laws and road regulations in the UK as well. Follow the speed limits in every road, motorway, or highway. Lane discipline and pedestrian rules are strictly followed as well.  Just remember to keep safe when you hire and drive a van in the UK.


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