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Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England

Wolverhampton is the the 12th largest city in England. The city was a major industrial centre, during Industrial Revolution. After decades, it isn’t that popular as it use to be in that phase where industries were growing rapidly.  The city’s climate is quite cold and humid. It’s a place which can be enjoyed during anytime of the year. One doesn’t have to wait for a specific time to visit Wolverhampton. Inspite of its lost prominence, it offers a variety of sights to it's visitors. Its rich culture and traditions has kept it alive in the hearts of people who are keen to explore more and more in this world. Some major places about which one should be aware before planning a visit to this unforgettable city are:

Wightwick Manor and Gardens:

It’s a very interesting and beautiful place; but more interesting is the tale behind this place. It’s a fascinating story about the local “Manser” family, which use to reside in this house. House is full of art and craft, reflecting an ancient period in which it was made. The house is quite small; due to which one can easily access every corner of the house without wasting much of their time. In front, there’s a beautiful garden, where tourists can take a walk. There’s also an inbuilt café in the house which offers a variety of vegetarian dishes and a superb coffee; that too at reasonable prices. For the convenience of visitors, there are many volunteers’ available, always helping and directing the people.

Wolves Museum:

Wolves Museum is a one stop destination for all football lovers. It’s one of the most prestigious heritages of the country. The museums display the whole history of Wolverhampton Wanderers, cups won by the team, and history behind the European Cup. There are many games available, both for kids as well as adults. One can enjoy a real family time at this place. It can also prove to be very knowledgeable for everyone. At the same time one can also have great fun and enjoyment; as there are many games available. One can enjoy all this stuff only by paying a nominal entry fee of £7.

David Austin Roses:

It is a beautiful and heartwarming garden, offering a sight of over 700 different varieties of roses. The garden is spread in 2 acres, and one would only find roses and roses till the end of their sight. In this era of dirt and pollution, one cannot believe how well maintained the garden is. People can experience the genuine natural beauty in this garden. The entry to this garden is totally free of cost and it totally worth your time. The pleasant fragrance of the roses can prove to be immense pleasurable for all nature lovers.Wolverhampton is a city that has successfully preserved its rich culture and heritage.



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