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Sunderland, England

Sunderland is the 13th biggest city of England which is in the North East of England. Sunderland lies in the middle of the city of Sunderland metropolitan area, it is a portion of Tyne and Wear, and it is located at the bank of the river Wear. In the place of present Sunderland there were 3 settlements- Monkwearmouth, Bishopwearmouth and Sunderland. The inhabitants of the Sunderland area are informally known as Mackem. The name Sunderland actually derived from Soender-land, which was a fishing village in the southern end of the river Wear. Though it’s an economical hub of England it does not leave the hand of green environment. It is 80 meters above the sea surface; the city is divided by the river which is running through the middle of the city. Queen Alexandra Bridge and Wearmouth Bridge connect the northern and southern part of the city.

Sunderland Weather:

The weather in summer is sunny and dry with occasional heat wave but sometimes it rains heavily in summer. But in winter the weather is cold and plenty haze and heavy fog are seen in the early morning. The winter session stays here from mid-November to mid-march. After March the weather begins to warm up to embrace spring. Winter and spring both these sessions have distinguished impact upon the scenic beauty of the place.

Economy and Population:

According to the 2011 census there are 174,286 people in the city. The land is famous for its Shipbuilding and coalmining heritage. But now the city is being transformed by developing other business sectors like automotive manufacturing, financial services along with customer services.

Places of Interest:

The city is rich in culture and in heritage building and the city is also the inspiration for many renowned writers and artists. Empire theatre, museum and Winter gardens at the borough road, Royalty theatre are the cultural heritage of the place.It is believed that some parts of the Sunderland area is the inspiration for Lewis Carroll’s Alice in wonderland. Hylton Castle and Backhouse Park are the most enchanting location of the area.The region has stunning seaside scenery and has easily reachable countryside. Roker and Seaburn beaches are the notable attractions of this area.The city is the host of the kites festival and also the host of international Airshow which takes place every year in the month of July.In the year 1998 the National Glass centre was opened which reflects the eminent history of Sunderland’s glass-making.


There are guest houses, self catering as well as camping services and hotels where the visitors can stay. There is a brief list of guest houses where you can stay whether you are visiting for family tour or for business trip - Lemonfield, April, Abingdon, Ashborne, Bede, Mayfield guest house and many more. There are hotels like Quality, Sunderland, Best Western and Topcliff Apartment. St. Michael’s courts, Hawksley House, Mill view are the top self catering services which are available in Sunderland area.

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