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Southampton, Hampshire, England

Southampton being the largest city in Hampshire with a population of about 260,000. Located on England’s South coast, the city is a major source of attraction. It is situated at about 19 miles (31km) from the North western part of Portsmouth, and 75 miles (121 km) from the South western part of London. It is a major port with the New Forest being in close proximity. South to it lies the Southampton Water where the rivers Itchen, Hamble and Test meet. Hampshire County Council was established in Southampton is 1888. This made Southampton a county borough within Hampshire’s County. The ancient shire county and its associated assizes are together referred to as Hampshire. In 1974 the city attained the title of a non-metropolitan district.

Southampton’s location plays a big part in its energy supply as well. It is located above a huge hot water aquifer which is used for the production of geothermal energy which in turn acts as a power source for most of the buildings of the city.  A plant in the West Quay region in Southampton processes this energy and supplies energy to the various buildings. It is the only geothermal power station in UK. It is this plant that provides The Southampton Port with all the energy it needs. The British Gas association conducted a survey in 2006 on carbon emissions in the major cities of UK. As per the statistics, the carbon emissions from Southampton is perhaps the lowest in UK.


There are various significant areas of employment in Southampton. This includes The University of Southampton, Southampton Airport, Southampton Solent University, Ordnance Survey, the ABP, the Carnival UK and the NHS. Southampton is associated with the narration of the World War II, is a home ground for numerous cruise ships, the Spitfire and the RMS Titanic.


Southampton somewhat experiences an oceanic climate, just like the rest of UK. It’s one of the warmer cities in UK as it receives more sunlight than the other parts of UK. This has been made possible by its location. It is located in the southern most region of UK which is a low lying and sheltered region. The temperature reaches to about 96.1degree Fahrenheit or 35.6 degree Celsius in summers which is the maximum recorded temperature in all of the UK.





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