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Plymouth, Devon, England

Plymouth is a city located on the South coast of Devon, and serves as a great authority in and around the South Coast of the county. It is situated between the two rivers, the mouths of the rivers Plym in the East direction and Tamar in the West direction hold this city between themselves. The rivers ultimately join together at the Plymouth Sound. Plymouth is situated to the South West of Exeter and lies about 194 miles (310 kilometres) South West of the city of London.


The beginning chapters about the forming of this particular city dates back nearly to the Bronze Age. The settlement that was to be called Plymouth in the later times did emerge as a winner and overtook the city surrounding it to become a proper outpost for the then Roman empire. The popularity of Plymouth was so much in those days that new settlements were called Plymouth colonies by the founding fathers of these cities hailing from nursery. These settlements would finally emerge as the United States of America. Between the years 1642 and 1646, when the country was involved I in the civil wars, the town was held together by the different parliamentarians. 

With the onset of the industrial revolution in that part of the world, Plymouth grew quite large in size and served as a shipping port which could handle the operations on a commercial basis. Both import as well as exports from the land of the Americans was completely handled here. Local minerals such as tin, copper and even china clay and lime were traded along these lines. After the Great War which had taken place, and had subsequently led to the partial destruction of the city in an event known as the Plymouth blitz, the city was entirely rebuilt and a lot of expansion of the city was made. The city owing to its ports held significant naval importance in the area. The entire suburbs surrounding the main city were included inside it in the year 1967.

Present Day:

In the present times the city is home to more than 250,000 people. In the entire region of England and Wales, this city was the 27th most populous region. The entire city owing to it significant importance was represented by three MPs in the Government council. The education system in the city is also top notch and it is essentially the 9th largest university in the whole of England with respect to the number of students attending it. In the earlier times, the naval force of this area had become successful in defeating the Spanish armada.


The city is essentially a very own naval settlement in the area. The largest concentration of cobbled streets in the whole of Great Britain and the largest concentration of cobbled streets can be found in this area. Very deep aquarium tanks can also be found in places of marine interest in the city. Devonport is the historic and landmark area surrounding the port.


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