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Derby, East Midlands, England

Derby is the main unitary authority area in England. Situated on the banks of the river Derwent, Derby is located on the South of Derbyshire which is the main town in the area. It is one of the UK’s main attractions due to a lot of reasons. The place has so much to offer to the visitors that it becomes a highly popular amongst them. Derby is home to the first ever mill that started in the world. The Lombe’s Mills that is the 1st factory the place is also referred to as the ground of the Industrial revolution. The railways that run across Britain’s and has been a model too many is an outcome of the location of the place, the strategic location and central placing allows the industry to grow and the city to advance in many ways. There are many stories behind how derby got its name. A popular belief, however without any evidence is that Derby got its name as a ‘deer settlement’ which is inspired by Danish word and its meaning Deor. Another story which has more concrete proof is that it is derived from the Roman word ‘Derventio’, which could be linked to Derwent, Derwent Celtic meaning is a valley of thick oats. There are mentions of the place in old maps as Darby and ‘Darbye’ which are predecessors of the now popular name Derby.

How To Get There:

Derby is well connected by airways, waterways and roadways. East Midlands Airport is about 15 miles (24) km from Derby city centre. The railways have its early settlement in the place and are thus seen to be highly effective to connect the whole place. London, Leicester, Nottingham are easily accessible by this rail route. Derby is highly motor able as well. The M1 motorways connect the place to London and the north. There are other motorways through the city that allows a good connect to the nearby town and other settlements in the UK. Derby along with accessibility allows a suitable stay with various hotels and budget stay options available.  The place has beautiful history and thus can create a great attraction to all of tourists and enthusiasts. The cathedral Qauter, Derby cathedral, st. Mary’s church, are a few of the many tourist attractions with great monuments and huge infrastructure. The visitors never seem to miss out on the locomotive history of the place and the museums are an attractive option. Derby offers its inhabitants and visitors to enjoy a variety of sports and entertainment activities all over the year. The concert that is held annually in the open air Darley Park is quite famous and is known to be one of the best of the kind. The Assembly rooms in Derby offer the people a plethora of orchestral events to enjoy during various times of the year. Moreover, football is quite a favourite game, with several clubs participating in various leagues and championships.


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