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Coventry, West Midlands

Coventry is one of the best metropolitan cities in England and it is the 13th largest place in UK. The city is basically a part of Warwickshire. Coventry is the first twin city in the world because their citizens supported Soviet Red Army during the Battle of Stalingrad. Apart from that the newest cathedral named Coventry Cathedral is located in the city. The oldest British motor industry occupied the prominent place in Coventry. You can visit the St. Michael Church in the Coventry. This is known as the oldest landmark of the city. During the world war-II, this heritage cathedral was totally destroyed and the new building with old ruins was established in the year 1962. This cathedral is the 3rd tallest building in England. You can see the awesome creativity of Jacob Epstein on the exterior part of this church. He founded the Michael Victory sculpture on this zone. Apart from that, the Holy Trinity and Christ Church are also situated in Coventry, England.

Places of Culture:

  • The Herbert Gallery Museum is the oldest and one of the largest creative places in the Coventry.
  • You can visit the Coventry Transport Museum also. This is designed as the state of art gallery in the city. You can find oldest British motor parts collection in that place. The speediest cars in the world are also conserving in this museum.
  • After arrival at the Coventry airport, you can easily find the Midland Air Museum
  • Coventry is famous for the watch manufacturing and motor industries
  • Coventry police station is open a museum also. This police museum is located in the basement and you can find some historical facts and features of the city police in that place.

Coventry also has some famous art galleries, cinemas and theatre halls. This place is really rich in the creative field. The Warwick Gallery, Albany Theatre Hall and Belgrade Hall are the oldest theatre hall in the England. The Warwick is the 2nd largest art gallery in the UK and it is duly attached with the University of Warwick. Most of the biggest rock performers like to organise their concerts in the Coventry Ricoh Arena Stadium because it has huge capacity of population management and well designed for the rocking performance.

Sports in Coventry:

Coventry has participated in several sports and their teams are placed in the top rank in the world. You can see several stadiums, grounds and tracks in Coventry. This city is famous for their rugby and football team. Along with that, Coventry has huge numbers of promising players in the area of cricket, racing, speedway and ice hockey. Coventry stadium is famous and largest sports destination in the England and it has all types of facilities and separate tracks for different sports. If you love rugby, then you must see the rugby league in the Coventry because their Coventry Bears Rugby Team is one of the best teams in the UK.

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