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Bath, Somerset, England

Bath is a city in the county of Somerset located in South West of England. Having been designed as a spa center by the Romans, Bath and its history have been around since AD 43. It is home to several naturally occurring hot springs in the entire United Kingdom.Bath was confirmed a city by Queen Elizabeth I in 1590 and was declared as a county borough in 1889. The city is home to many museums, architectures, theatres, cultural sites, sporting venues, and many others. Bath is a world heritage spot with many attractions which includes; Royal Crescent, fashion Museum, Stonehenge, Roman Baths, Canal Visitor Centre, Bath Abbey, Kilver Court, Pulteney Bridge, where the solidifying Bath is a major center for tourism. In 2006 the population of Bath was about 90,000, Bath currently has less than 200,000 local residents. The city caters to the relaxation of its people with the competitive edge of historical buildings and sophisticated nightlife. This mixture of culture helps keep the city a perfect vacation destination for tourist.

Bath is one of the best spot to enjoy a wonderful nightlife with its wide range of bars, pubs, nightclubs, spa resorts and lots more. The city has over one million staying visitors as well as 3 million plus day visitors, making it one of the most visited vacation spots in England. During the middle Ages, Bath flourished mainly through its wool trading, but during the 18th century, Bath became a center of fashionable life, during which many of its cultural and architectural milestones were constructed. Today, it’s known for its beautifully designed Georgian architectural structures. Probably the most famous is the Royal Crescent, a magnificent structure of connected Georgian houses constructed between the year 1767 and 1775.Though the main style of architecture in Bath is Georgian, the 16th century Norman Bath Abbey is a prominent architectural part of the city. It is one of the major examples of perpendicular supernatural architecture. There are also many Roman archaeological spots cordoned off all over the center of the city.

Attractions and Shopping

With about 100 restaurants, bars and pubs, Bath is well known for its excellent hospitality and world class restaurants, pubs and coffee shops. The city provides wide varieties of menu, catering to every palette, budget, British and international alike. Whether you're interested in experiencing the artistic side of Bath, you can visit any of the Bath's five major theatres which are known to attract several internationally renowned companies and directors from different countries of the world. When you’re planning your next vacation trip to England, Bath is really an amazing and attractive city.





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